It's time to make and break freediving records


24-30 MAY 2023

AIDA Oceanquest Philippines is an epic depth freediving competition organized by Camotes Freediving.  Come and experience world-class competition platform and facilities, and clear, calm waters with a depth of more than 150 meters.  Local and international freediving enthusiasts will come together to share experiences and make new depth records in four disciplines.  As an international event, news and movie crew will be present to document the world record attempts.Day 1 - CWTBDay 2 - FIMDay 3 - CWTDay 4 - CNF



Molchanov and his iconic golden wetsuit will make an appearance in OceanQuest Philippines.  The 24-time world champion record holder will be competing along with other internationally-acclaimed and Philippine freedivers. Molchanov is known as “The Machine”, or “The King of the Deep”.

His recent records are:
CWT – 131 m
FIM – 126 m
CWTB – 118 m
CNF – 90 m

“With a big event, instead of focusing on the importance of an event, I switch to focusing on how much I enjoy deep diving, and how much I enjoy the process. I’m doing this because I like it, and I know how to do this really well. I’m diving with this reason in mind. And I’m doing this because I want to…”

Alessia ZECCHINI has set many world and Italian records in freediving.

She started the sport at the young age of 13, training for both indoor and outdoor freediving. At the age of 21, Alessia became a world champion for the first time.

She is affectionately called “the Queen of the Abyss” by the press and her many fans.

Her recent records are:
CWT – 115 m
CWBT – 109 m
FIM – 101 m
CNF – 74 m

“As I was learning to descend into the Ocean depths, I experienced a greater knowledge of myself, my body and mind. There is a level of concentration that, once understood, leads to a feeling of ecstasy and clarity, in which you know exactly what you want to do at any given moment, and get an immediate response. You know that what must be done is achievable, albeit difficult ”

Alessia Zechinni
AIDA Oceanquest Philippines

The team included 8 Safety divers lead by Jimmy Jeantot, Head of Safety, whose experience, sense of organization and safety skills made all the athletes feel safe and comfortable giving their best.

We were lucky to also have two very experienced judges with Jean Paul Francois, our head judge and JooYoung Choo, our second judge.