Do it right! It was just great being trained by Thibault and Ben! I did not have an easy start as a beginner freediver, and now thanks to the coaching of Thibault I am a proud freediving instructor. I had been training regularly, but the moment I decided to start my training with Thibault a new door full of opportunity has opened to me. Thibault took the time to break down all the fundamentals, and allows me to build trust, improve my technique and develop a consistent training. Thibault is a very professional, precise, supportive coach putting a lot of passion into his work. He is still today my coach and mentor. Besides the fact that Freediving in the Philippines is magic, Ben and Thibault are very experienced and talented freedivers, and their coaching is tailored to the individual, I always feel very supported in all my dives. I really recommend them for anyone who loves freediving, from beginner to competitor you will learn everything in the right way