A Thrilling Showcase of Skill, Determination, and Ocean Exploration

San Francisco, Camotes, May 2023

The AIDA Oceanquest 2023, held at Camotes Freediving, is a major competition for freediving in the Philippines.  It unfolded as an extraordinary gathering of some of the world’s most skilled freedivers pushing the boundaries of human capability. Over the course of 4 days, this prestigious event captivated participants and spectators alike with breathtaking displays of athleticism, deep-sea exploration, and an unwavering passion for the sport.

The team included 8 Safety divers lead by Jimmy Jeantot, Head of Safety, whose experience, sense of organization and safety skills made all the athletes feel safe and comfortable giving their best.
We were lucky to also have two very experienced judges with Jean Paul Francois, our head judge and JooYoung Choo, our second judge.

Hosted by Camotes Freediving and his owner Thibault Guignes, along with AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) and set against the stunning backdrop of Camotes’ crystal-clear waters, the competition showcased the incredible talent and endurance of freedivers from around the globe.

From record attempts to mesmerizing underwater performances, here’s a glimpse into the exhilarating moments that unfolded during the AIDA Oceanquest Philippines 2023.

From the start of the competition, the world’s finest freedivers demonstrated their mastery as they descended into the depths, harnessing their physical and mental prowess to challenge their personal limits and break records.

One of the standout performances came from Alessia Zechinni, who shattered the existing world record in the CWT discipline by plunging to an awe-inspiring depth of 123 meters on day 1 of the competition.

On Day 2, we also witnessed a new World record in the CWT Bifins disciplines by Alexey Molchanov who signed his big come back in the competition area with a stunning 121m performance.

Sendoh Wang also set a new Continental Record for Asia with a 105m CWT Bifins performance.

We can finally note the impressive FIM French National Record set by Thibault Guignes for France. Their exceptional achievements left the audience in awe and showcased the unparalleled determination and training required to reach such remarkable depths.

In addition to the individual achievements, the AIDA Oceanquest 2023 emphasized camaraderie and collaboration, fostering an atmosphere of unity among the participants. Divers shared their experiences, exchanged techniques, and built lasting friendships that will undoubtedly propel the sport of freediving even further.

The event also celebrated the local talent, as Filipino freedivers showcased their skills on their home turf. Their remarkable performances served as a testament to the growing popularity of freediving in the Philippines and ignited a sense of national pride among the spectators. Several National Records were set by Marion John Sumalinog and Dean Sevellino.

Beyond the competitive aspect, the AIDA Oceanquest Philippines 2023 emphasized the importance of ocean conservation and the well being of all kind of animals, especially stray dogs that are numerous in the Philippines. The AIDA Oceanquest Philippines 2023 is proud to be associated with the Camotes Aspin project and a lot of participants donated money or their time to support this project, leaving a positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Camotes Aspin project, led by one of Camotes Freediving Instructor (Cassandra Cooper) organized a big animal clinic in Camotes Island, gathering vets and volunteers from all over the country to come and take care of our four-legged friends.

AIDA Oceanquest Philippines 2023 also hosted a movie crew for the duration of the competition, including the diveye system. Camotes Freediving is proud to be part of this big production project that will put the freediving on the front of the sports scene in 2024. Unfortunately, an incoming typhoon had us cancelling the days 3 and 4 of the competition but the safety of the athletes is our priority.

The AIDA Oceanquest 2023 was not merely a competition but an exploration of the human spirit and the beauty of the underwater world. It brought together a community of passionate individuals driven by a shared love for the ocean and a desire to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible.

Congratulations to our winners Vincenzo Ferri from Italy and Michelle Ooi from Singapore who won the overall ranking and left with money prizes.

To view the official results, click here.

As the competition came to a close, the participants left with unforgettable memories, new records, and a renewed sense of purpose. The AIDA Oceanquest 2023 served as a reminder that freediving is not just a sport but a profound connection between humans and the vastness of the ocean. As the world awaits the next chapter in freediving history, the Oceanquest Philippines continues to inspire and captivate the imagination of both seasoned professionals and aspiring freedivers. The legacy of this remarkable event will undoubtedly inspire future freedivers to explore the depths and embrace the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Stay tuned for the Oceanquest Philippines 2024!


We want to express our utmost gratitude to our various sponsors for their outstanding support.

CETMA Composites for providing outstanding prizes with 4 pairs of CWT Carbon fins
Molchanovs for providing 800$US of vouchers and communication support
Hydroflask for offering 1000$ of prizes to the athletes and safety team
Octopus freediving for offering 800$ of high quality prizes and providing the blocker and bottom plate for the official line of the competition
Double K who sponsored the buffet and closing ceremony
Mares Philippines for providing the two official gauges of the competition
Alchemy who provided 3 neckweights for prizes
Jomalia shipping corporation for offering free ferry tickets to Camotes for all the athletes
San Francisco Municipality whose administrative and logistics support were essential for the event

AIDA Oceanquest Philippines