Freediving Competitions in the Philippines

It’s time to make and break freediving records

Come and experience freediving competitions in the Philippines, and be part of freediving history.

Achieve your personal best, meet other freedivers from all over the world and be inspired by the natural beauty of  Camotes Island.

Our competitions are open to all levels of freedivers, and gathers some of the best international athletes together to share the love for the sport and to exchange knowledge and advice.

Camotes Freediving Center is poised to be Asia’s, if not the world’s premier location for freediving. With its flat sea, calm currents, no drift, average visibility of 25 meters and depths going as deep as 150 meters. Thibault Guignes, French freediving champion, head of Molchanovs Education, and athlete-trainer behind Camotes Freediving, knew in a heartbeat that this was one of the best freediving training locations he had witnessed. 

Thibault’s long term plan is to have 4 competitions per year. He’s aiming to organize a World Championship in Camotes by the year 2025- 2026 with International World Record Holders in both Depth and Pool disciplines. This will be the 1st World Championships that will be held in the Philippines.

“We are committed to your achievements as a competitive freediver, for you to enjoy the sport and have fun getting to know fellow freedivers.”

-Thibault Guignes, Camotes Freediving